Pole Top Rescue Training

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012 16:58
pole top rescue  

Safety is a top priority at Pella Cooperative Electric, and part of safety training includes pole top rescue on a yearly basis.  It’s a skill linemen hope to never use.  Pole top rescue would be used by a lineman in an emergency situation if a co-worker would become unconscious while working on a pole.

During the training, each lineman is required to use proper emergency and safety procedures, which includes putting on their pole climbing gear.  The lineman must climb the pole, lower a 200-pound mannequin to the ground with the help of a rope, climb down the pole and begin administering CPR.  From start to finish, this rescue must be completed in less than four minutes to be successful. 

This training gives each lineman hands-on experience to be able to help a fellow lineman in case of an emergency.  Safety first, always!

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