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Meet your co-op employees, who are responsible for carrying out the day to day operations of the cooperative.  This can mean long hours, sometimes in bad weather, to keep the power going and the members satisfied.


Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Jon Miles

Jon Miles
Chief Executive Officer
PCEA since 2016

Photo of Tim Ver Meer

Tim Ver Meer
Line Superintendent
PCEA since 1979

Photo of Rob Burton

Rob Burton
Line Foreman
PCEA since 1991

Photo of Shawn Williams

Shawn Williams
Lead Lineman
PCEA since 1996

Photo of Randy Reineke

Randy Reineke
Lead Lineman
PCEA since 2004

Photo of Matt Ainsworth

Matt Ainsworth
Journeyman Lineman
PCEA since 2007

Lance Freml
Journeyman Lineman
PCEA since 2017

Assistant Manager
Photo of Doug Stewart

Doug Stewart
Assistant Manager
PCEA since 2012

Photo of Sue Warrick

Sue Warrick
Office Manager
PCEA since 1978

Photo of Terry Fraker

Terry Fraker
Cost Accountant
PCEA since 1999

Photo of Amber Hall

Amber Hall
Accounting/Billing Clerk
PCEA since 2015

Jolyn Hartson
Administrative Asst./HR Coordinator
PCEA since 2016

Photo of Tanya Braden Tanya Mitterer
PCEA since 2016
Member Services
Photo of Stan Eysink

Stan Eysink
Member Relations Manager
PCEA since 1978




Photo of Nick Guillien

Remembering Journeyman Lineman Nick Guillien
PCEA since 2004 - Died October 6, 2013
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