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Member Benefits

Flow graphic of the cooperativeCooperatives operate differently than most businesses. They are consumer-owned businesses, which means that you and your neighbors actually own your electric utility. In fact, you may have noticed that Pella Cooperative Electric refers to you as a "member" rather than as a "customer." The membership of the cooperative consists of everyone who receives electricity from us.

Members share in the ownership of the cooperative when profits are returned through capital credits. Members share in the governance of the cooperative when they elect other members to serve as representatives on the Board of Directors.

The cooperative’s Board of Directors is a group of member-consumers just like you, and, in fact, you can run for a seat on the board yourself if you’d like to. When the directors’ terms expire, the cooperative will hold an election—and you will get to vote. So the cooperative is governed by its members who make up the board of directors, which are elected by you.

Cooperatives have their roots in their local communities, so they never sell stock. That way, members retain local control.

Take advantage of the opportunity to participate as a member-owner of Pella Cooperative Electric by attending our Annual Meeting and voting in the board election.





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