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Nominating Committee & Qualified Candidates

Each year the board of directors select a nominating committee that will help identify qualified candidates interested in putting their name on the ballot.  Any member who can obtain more than 50 signatures can petition their name to be on the ballot as described in the Pella Cooperative Electric bylaws, Article III, Section 3: “Any fifty (50) or more members may make other nominations in writing over their signatures not less than thirty-five (35) days prior to the meeting at which the directors are to be elected, and the Secretary shall post the same at the same place where the list of nominations made by committee is posted; such nominations made by such members to be subject to the same qualifications, district and residence requirements as nominations by the Nominating Committee heretofore prescribed.”

Any person, to become and remain a Director of the Cooperative shall, among other things:

  • Comply with applicable requirements of law, the Cooperative’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, the Cooperative’s duly adopted policies, and the Cooperative’s duly made decisions. Click here for governing policies.
  • Assume a fiduciary duty to act, in good faith, in the best interests of the Cooperative and its members;
  • Be loyal to the Cooperative and not have conflicting commercial or personal interests;
  • Possess the minimum knowledge and skills necessary to manage the affairs of the Cooperative; familiarity of iPad, Microsoft products, etc. is required;
  • Be willing to devote such time and effort to the duties of a Director as may be necessary to oversee the Cooperative affairs.
  • Be able to represent the entire membership on an impartial basis;
  • Be willing and able to attend regularly scheduled and special meetings of the Board of Directors,National, state and other meetings of organizations with associated interests that further the Cooperative movement; training institutes or seminars which will aid in keeping him/her well informed on matters affecting the Cooperative.  On average a Board Member can spend between 10-15 hours per month preparing for and attending a monthly board meeting.  Additional time may be required to attend training and education classes.  These classes are generally held in Des Moines.
  • Not use, or cause to be used, his/her position as Director to further any political or business ambition.




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