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Outage Center

There are currently no outages in the Pella Cooperative Electric service territory to report.


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What to Do When the Power Goes Out

If an outage occurs please call the cooperative at (641) 628-1040 or (800) 619-1040. Please note that our normal business hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. After hours calls will be answered by our dispatch.

Before you call an outage:

  • Check fuses or circuit breakers to make sure the problem is not with your electrical equipment.

  • Check with your neighbors to see if they have service.

  • Note possible causes, such as sparks, a loud noise, trees or limbs on the power lines, etc. that can help the line crew in finding the problem.

  • Be ready to provide the phone number, account number and/or name and address for the account.

  • Please be patient when placing outage calls, if it is a large spread outage many members may be trying to call in at the same time. However, do not assume that others have reported the outage for you.

  • Check on neighbors and friends. Some people rely on electricity to power medical equipment.

  • Tune in. Pella Cooperative Electric will contact local radio stations, including FM 92.1 KNIA/KRLS, to provide updates.

  • Log on. Watch Pella Cooperative Electric's Facebook page and Twitter feed for the latest outage updates.

  • Remember safety. Electrical hazards may be prevalent, especially during outages caused by nature. Review the safety tips below and inform your family.

  • Outage Safety  - How to stay safe during an outage.

  • Generator Safety  - If you are going to run a backup generator, follow instructions to keep yourself and utility workers safe.

  • Outage Checklist - What should you do when the power goes out?  

Below is some information on how power is restored during an outage.

Watch NRECAs "Restoring Power" video for a demonstration on what your cooperative will do to restore your power during an outage. 



Medical Emergency

For some who rely on life support or other essential medical equipment, a power outage can present a life threatening situation. If you, or someone you know, relies on electricity to power life sustaining equipment, please take the following steps before an outage:

  • Alert the cooperative to let us know you have a special health need before an outage occurs. We will put a note on your account and priority will be given, when possible, to restore power to your home first during an outage.

  • Invest in power supply backup equipment. This could be a generator, or battery backup for the medical equipment. Have a qualified technician install this equipment.

  • Notify family, friends, and neighbors. That way, when the power goes out, they know to come to your assistance and take you to a location that has power.


Extended Outages

Though rare, widespread outages can occur leaving many people without power for days. As information becomes available during these situations, it will be posted on this website as well as Information will also be relayed to local radio stations, including FM 92.1 KNIA/KRLS. Below is important information to remember during widespread and extended power outages:

 Outage Preparation  - Be prepared before an outage occurs.
 How Power Is Restored  - Steps the cooperative follows to return power to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.
 Outages Across the State - Tracks progress of Iowa's electric cooperatives as they work to restore power to members.


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