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Your Annual Meeting



Why Do We Have Annual Meetings?

The primary function of the annual meeting is to provide members with the opportunity to have their voices heard.

The cooperative is owned by the members. One of the benefits of member ownership is that you have a voice in how the cooperative operates. At the end of the day, we are accountable to the members, and not outside investors.

During a typical annual meeting, members will receive reports on the cooperative's current status. The annual meeting also serves as an opportunity to discuss the business with Directors and other staff members. Here members come together to elect one of their own as a leader of the cooperative.

Typically, the annual meeting is held in the spring. Before the meeting, members are provided with a catered meal. During the meeting they enjoy entertainment and door prizes after participating in the cooperative governance process.

Your Vote, Your Voice, Your Cooperative

At Pella Cooperative Electric Association (PCEA), you are more than a customer, you’re a member-consumer.  As a member-consumer, you have a voice in the leadership.  Your vote in our annual board election is your voice at your Cooperative.

Like other electric cooperatives, PCEA is guided by a locally-elected board of directors that represents its members when making important decisions.  Being a member of the board is an important and highly-responsible position in the community, and directors devote considerable time to the cause of powering our communities and empowering cooperative member-consumers to improve the quality of their lives.

PCEA’s board is a democratically-elected body, with each director nominated by members of the Cooperative’s service territory and voted into the position by all members who choose to participate in the Cooperative’s open election.

Member-consumer Voting

Each year at the PCEA’s annual meeting, the member-consumers are provided with the opportunity to cast their vote for directors of the cooperative that provides the direction, policy development and governance of the cooperatives business and financial matters.  Ballots are handed out upon entry to the auditorium.  The ballot will indicate which district is up for election and the person(s) running for a board position.  Each ballot submitted should have one box marked per district upon returning it back to members of the nominating committee acting as teller on the night of the annual meeting.  Please note that only one vote is allowed per membership.  The ballots are then gathered and taken to be counted by a representative of PCEA’s legal counsel and nominating committee. 

Absentee voting by mail is available by requesting an absentee ballot.  In order for a PCEA member-consumer to be eligible to vote by absentee ballot, the member must request the ballot in writing, and include their name, address and account number.  The date that the absentee ballot must be received at the cooperative is published annually in the February Highlines, or contact the office at 800-619-1040 for information.

The results of the election will be announced during the annual meeting.  During the annual meeting, the member-consumers learn of the financial condition of their cooperative and have the opportunity to hear other reports and received election results for the board.

 Annual Report Information

President and CEO's report to the membership.
Meet your director candidates.
View financial reports.
Learn what a cooperative is and why it benefits you.

View the 2020 Annual Report


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